Logos Center was established as a nonprofit charitable organization in 2003. It is led by a board of directors, and functions as a whole person care community center established by the founder, Fr.Nicolay Ilnytsky, and cofounder, Taras Moronuyk. This vision is needed very much in Ukraine. If we can help those at risk in society like the homeless and orphans, poor and elderly, understand that they need to care for themselves before they become sick, then we will have a healthier society. Of course this philosophy is holistic in its vision so there is a strong spiritual component to it as well. All that is done in the LOGOS Center now is health in some form or another. We are and will continue to prepare faith community nurses and volunteers through this center; we are and will continue to teach English to children and adults through this center, we are and will continue to feed the homeless and poor through this center, we are and will continue to help those with alcohol addiction start a new life and we are and will establish a health clinic with prophylactic health education as a primary role in its outcomes.

JUNE 1, 2016
AS A RESULT OF GENEROUS gifts from many people last summer we still have meat in the freezer from last years Poultry Project.(see below) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
A lot has changed over the last year:
  • The building and infrastructures are finished.
  • Some families have moved on.
  • Many have found jobs.
  • Logos is helping invalids, widows,single moms, orphans and homeless from across Ukraine, but especially in Kotzubinske/Kiev region
  • Challenges continue to make the place run smoothly, but people are healing and moving on in life.       

 OCTOBER 12, 2015 
As we enter our second year of housing Internally Displaced People(refugees) from Eastern Ukraine, we realize that we cannot rely always and forever on the generosity of others for everything.  Therefore we are raising poultry in the form of ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. We hope to have eggs and meat for all our residents this fall and winter.  
The poultry project will have a start up cost.  The cost of the birds plus feed, administrative cost, transportation of the birds is approximately $7.00. To participate in this project press donate and on the comments write, "poultry project."
"We now have 180 people in our Logos center, says the founder Fr. Nicolas.  We have 4 pregnant women who will be delivering their babies soon.  The men are looking for work and the women are keeping busy. We have English classes for kids and local parishioners from an American church are coming to play with the kids too.   We have corporate prayer together each evening as many of the people here are believers..."  Yet we are also under attack!  A local reporter is now provoking the locals to turn against the center and it's residents.  WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!"
"They knew we were believers and were watching our apartment.  They broke in, took nothing but knew that we were for a United Ukraine."
"We were so grateful to find a facility where we would not only be safe, but would be cared for by believers who love the Lord."  

All 5 pregnant moms are having boys...the reason according to them: " we've lost so many men,God is blessing us with replacements for our future."

 "I came out from Donetsk for a long weekend with my 13 year old daughter to visit with my oldest daughter who is expecting our first grandchild.  My husband and mom are still in Donetsk.  Shortly after we arrived to Logos where my daughter and son in law are living, they closed the roads.  We can't get home and now my daughter has to go to school here.  Thank God we can stay at the Logos center."                      

"I was quite jealous of the freedom I saw in Odessa and Kyiv.  If we said anything good about Ukraine or had a flag hanging from our windows we could be shot.  I'm thankful that we found this place through a friend who arrived a few days before us."